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©Keke Keukelaar

Katja Maria Slotte Photo: ©Keke Keukelaar

This is the blog of a singing teacher, vocal coach, music educator and singer, with a big passion for teaching and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Let me introduce myself: I’m Katja Maria Slotte, a Fenno-Swedish singing teacher, vocal coach, music educator, singer and musician. I work in The Netherlands, where I’m currently based, as well as internationally. I am trained as a singer, music teacher and singing teacher. I hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music Education and am also an Authorised CVT Teacher. I play the piano, flute and some guitar, and am learning to play the ukulele and the Brazilian cavaquinho.

My vocal coaching and teaching services (Complete Vocal Coach) bear a name I chose to reflect my vision on singing and vocal pedagogy, as well as the vocal technique that I teach: Complete Vocal Technique (CVT).

When we sing and teach singing (or music, for that matter), we deal with the complete singer, the whole package: voice, body, mind and soul. We deal with vocal technique, musicianship, expression and communication.We deal with energy and emotions, creative dreams, artistic ambitions and goals. These are topics I come across in my teaching, in my own artistic career, and these are the topics you will find in this blog. I will also post videos with tips and thoughts how to structure your singing practice, as well as mini-lessons, exercises and talk on singing technique.

For me, the most powerful thing about music is communication. We use singing and music to express ourselves and tell stories. I am very fascinated by the creative process, and convinced that singing (like any creative and artistic endeavor) comes with an aspect that is almost mystical, inexplainable – some would perhaps even call it “spiritual”. These, and other artistry-related subjects, are other examples of subjects I like to dive into, think, read and write about. I will also share some thoughts on teaching and learning, and some resources that I have found useful.

I hope the blog posts, articles and videos will make you reflect on your own teaching and artistic work, give you some new tips and ideas or inspire you!

For more information on my teaching work, you can visit the Complete Vocal Coach website. There you can also read my full bio, and find information on lessons, courses and workshops. If you’re interested in reading about my work as a singer, you’re welcome have a look at www.katjamaria.com. There you can read about my current projects and listen to some music.

Oh, and in case you wondered what Fenno-Swedish means…that’s a Finn who speaks Swedish as her mother tongue. Actually it’s not the whole truth, because I grew up in a bilingual family, my mother being a Finn and my father being a Swedish-speaking Finn. I love learning new languages, and besides my mother tongues Finnish and Swedish I speak English, Dutch, German, Brazilian Portuguese, some French and Spanish.

Now you know something about me – but a blog should not be a one-way street. I would like to hear from you too, so don’t be shy and share your experiences. Because believe me, I have learned just as much from the singers I work with and the people I’ve taught music to, as they have learned from me!



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Katja,
    Found you on a random search I’m happy I finally did. I’d love to chat with you about some of the topics on here – will be doing a lot of reading of your posts here after I hopefully get a bit of rest. Feel free to email when you have a chance, and I’ll tell you about myself and where I’m at with my lyrics and vocals. Definitely am not out for miracles – will be great to just chat with a like minded individual about everything though.

    Have a good one though!

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