Music Marketing – Do What You Enjoy And Be Unique

This is a post in the series of special guests sharing their Lessons From The Road: things they have learned and experiences they have had in their music (or teaching) careers. The guest is a singer, songwriter, musician or teacher whose work inspires me in some way, or whose work I think deserves special attention. I think these ‘lessons’ can be an inspiration to many of us!

Through my workshops I have had the pleasure to meet and coach Inge, a talented aspiring singer-songwriter. I think Inge’s projects deserve some attention because the story of how her first album came to be is an inspiring lesson in persistence!



Inge’s first album “I See You” was completely funded by her fans on Sellaband. By active self-promotion and connecting with her fans, Inge reached her target of 50.000 dollars, and was able to go into the studio to record. She wanted it to be a special album, with all the songs that matter to her and that she has written over the years. Together with producers Coen Molenaar and Jeroen Molenaar, and co-producer Angela Groothuizen, it turned out to be a very unique album.

Inge’s Lessons from The Road:

To get your own songs on a professional album, you could try to raise money through crowdfunding like Sellaband, Akamusic or similar. Remember this takes a lot of your time and energy because you have to continuously keep promoting yourself in order to get more fans and investors.

Don’t focus on becoming famous. Just enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. And be yourself!

Try to be unique – in your music and/or in the way you present yourself. Find out what makes you different from others and emphasize that.


When this blog was originally posted in katjamariamusic in March 2012, Inge was fundraising for her second full length album. “Heaven Knows” was released in 2013 and can be bought on iTunes, CD Baby and through Inge’s website


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