10 Thoughts For Teachers

Today, I wanted to share these 10 thoughts with you.

I received them years ago, at the end of my specialization course in Music and Movement (Orff-Schulwerk) during my Music Education studies at the Sibelius Academy from our teacher Soili Perkiö.

I think these 10 thoughts are important for teachers and educators in all areas of specialization, and on all levels.

1. Your personality is your most important tool.

2. Make your views come true.

3. Always respect people.

4. Recognize your own limitations.

5. Be consistent and reliable.

6. Develop a sensitivity to experience things from the perspective of those you teach.

7. Be ready for self-criticism, yet without abandoning your Self.

8. Make sure you provide those you teach with space – and with space to make mistakes.

9. Do not break the agreements and promises that you have made.

10. Cherish your inner freedom, which is your most precious capital.

By Martti Lindqvist


Translated from Finnish by Katja Maria Slotte


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