The Practice Project 6: Boost your singing practice with mini practice sessions

When you learn a new skill or singing technique, it is important that you try to use the new skill or technique as often as possible. The more you use the new skill, the easier it becomes.

Some singers tend to get overwhelmed by merely thinking about practice, find it difficult to stay focused for a big chunk of time, or find it difficult to schedule a longer practice session – because they already have full schedules and busy lives! In that case, try to build up the length of your sessions, starting with short sessions. 10 minutes focused daily practice is better than doing “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” for 1 hour per week!

In previous videos I’ve been talking about the importance of getting organized and having a practice space or room. In this week’s video I’ll actually contradict myself: practice whenever possible, wherever possible, as often as possible! Try to direct your attention to what it is you’re learning, and implement the new technique as often as possible throughout your day or week. In this video I’ll share some tips on how to spread mini-practice sessions, or awareness-moments, throughout your day. These can be a useful addition to longer practice sessions in a space where you can focus, be undisturbed, and have all your materials at hand. As an example I’m demonstrating some exercises on the vocal effect distortion (like this sound and technique is defined in Complete Vocal Technique).

Finally, some thoughts on humor and fun as a part of the learning process. Singing technique might be a “serious subject”, but like John Cleese points out in his famous lecture on creativity, there is a difference between being serious and being solemn. In case you haven’t heard Cleese’s brilliant lecture, you can find it here.



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