The Practice Project 3: Making SMARTER singing technique goals

In this video we’ll talk about how you can use the SMART / SMARTER goal setting tool for setting goals for practicing singing technique. I have found it a useful tool both in my work with singers of all levels, and for setting goals for my own singing (practice).


2 thoughts on “The Practice Project 3: Making SMARTER singing technique goals

  1. Hi Katja, nice video summary of SMART(ER) applied to voice. I especially liked your comment “Deadlines are there to motivate you, not punish you” and also the way that you are comfortable to let A also stand for Adjustable. I think one of the valuable things about SMART is that it’s a tool to help set goals, not a rigid set of laws, so there’s flexibility to let the letters stand for multiple things or different things if this helps you to set better goals.

    • Hi! It’s Rob writing the blog, right? Just making sure I’m addressing the right person 🙂
      I completely agree that these kind of tools shouldn’t be a rigid set of laws. It’s a lot of fun to brainstorm different meanings for the letters, M could stand for Meaningful too, for example. So often we end up making goals that we think we should accomplish, but not actually checking in with ourselves if those goals are really meaningful to us. This goes probably more for singing/music/artistic career related goals than practice..
      That flexible approach to SMART(ER) was what I especially liked in your blog posts too, by the way! I also liked how you had specified “measurable” into “not at all measurable”, “somewhat measurable” and “measurable”. And to let the S also stand for “simple” – that’s a fantastic reminder for both teachers and students!

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