The Practice Project: New video series on singing practice

Recently I started a new video series: The Practice Project.

In my work as a singing teacher and vocal coach I often help singers with practice related questions, from choosing the right exercises and trouble-shooting when an exercise doesn’t seem to work out right, to structuring their practice, setting goals or dealing with mindset. Besides my experiences with practice from the singing teachers’ point of view, I have my own experiences with practice as a singer, that I perhaps will write more about another time.

For many, practice seems to be a forceful labor, rather than something that is done with joy. It seems to be something that we feel we have to do, rather than something that we want to do or look forward to do. Practice is challenging, because it is linked to growth and learning, and often requires stepping out of your comfort zone. At times we reach heights and progress is made, and at other times we end up on plateaus, doubting if we are doing the right thing. Sometimes the plateaus have nothing to do with the technique that is being used, but it has all to do with our mindset or ambitions. It also requires objective analytic skills, accepting “failures” and even welcoming them, as a possibility for growth and learning.

All this has made me interested in looking more into the various subjects related to practicing singing. How can we practice in an efficient, yet mindful way? Is it possible to learn to love practice?

In my blog I often write about subjects related to practice. But I figured out, sometimes saying something out loud is faster than writing it down. In the videos we will be talking about getting organized, about vocal technique exercises, and about a variety of things mentioned above – from stepping out of your comfort zone to getting clarity and setting goals. Hope you enjoy!


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