Welcome to the new Complete Vocal Coach blog!

©Keke Keukelaar

©Keke Keukelaar

First, let me introduce myself: I’m Katja Maria Slotte, a Fenno-Swedish singing teacher, vocal coach, music educator, singer and musician. I work in The Netherlands, where I’m currently based, as well as internationally. My vocal coaching and teaching services go under the name of Complete Vocal Coach – a name I chose to reflect my vision on singing and vocal pedagogy (working with the whole package: body, voice, mind and soul), as well as the vocal technique that I teach: Complete Vocal Technique (CVT). If you want to get to know me, here is more information.

My singing and teaching paths have intertwined for as long as I can remember. Which brings me to this blog.

A year ago I started blogging, because I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts with other singers and teachers. I also felt inspired to write more, partly in order to structure my own thoughts and reflect upon my experiences with combining a teaching career with an artistic career. My blog katjamariamusic became a collection of all the various shoes I wear, figuratively speaking: being a singing teacher, music educator, singer, musician, and freelancer/”solo-preneur”. Now I felt I was ready to do some organizing in my “shoe store”, and open a new “department”  with only certain types of shoes available. In other words, a blog that is dedicated to singing and my work as a singing teacher and vocal coach. That way, those who want to read only about these topics, can do so without having to walk through all the other departments too!

In this blog I will write about the various subjects related to singing and teaching it. When we sing and teach singing (or music, for that matter), we deal with the complete singer, the whole package: voice, body, mind and soul. We deal with vocal technique, musicianship, performance, expression and communication.We deal with energy and emotions, creative dreams, artistic ambitions and goals. These are topics you will find in this blog. I will also post videos with tips and thoughts how to structure your singing practice, as well as exercises and talk on singing technique. I’ve already written about singing and vocal pedagogy in my other blog, and will be sharing selected posts and articles from my other blog here too. That way all singing related subjects will finally find one central home!

For me, the most powerful thing about music is communication. We use singing and music to express ourselves and tell stories. Artistry and authentic artist expression, what it is, and how it can be taught and developed, is another topic that interests me. I will also write about Complete Vocal Technique, vocal technique/pedagogy, and share some thoughts on teaching and some things that I have found useful in my work.

I hope the blog posts and videos will make you reflect on your own singing practice, artistic ambitions, or on your teaching, inspire you or give you some new ideas. A blog is not a one-way street, and that’s why I would also love to hear from you. So don’t be shy to introduce yourself or share your experiences with me in the comments below!


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